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“Sushi Nozawa has forever been my all time favorite place to eat. My personal record is 8 meals in one week, out of a possible 10. It’s hard to describe what a loss it is to not be able to sit at the end of the bar, eating the best sushi in the world opposite one of my favorite people in the world – Chef Nozawa.” — actor Jason Biggs.

“My first introduction to sushi in LA was a lunch at Nozawa with the Everybody Loves Raymond writers and it spoiled me from ever having sushi anywhere else.  We went there for lunch once a week for the next nine years.  I missed my show when it went off the air, but not quite as much as I missed those lunches. I have been going there ever since. It was perfect.”  — actor Ray Romano

“His motto was ‘Trust Me’ and after one bite of his fish 25 years ago, to me he became the Walter Cronkite of sushi.  If it weren’t for Nozawa, we might all be eating nothing but California rolls and spicy tuna.”— Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal

“Sushi Nozawa is quite simply my very favorite place in the world to eat.  Chef Nozawa is truly a great artist and has lifted the spirits of many an evening with the simplicity and perfection of what he serves.  I will miss seeing Nozawa-san behind the bar.” — musician Trent Reznor

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  1. Chef Nozawa,

    So sad that you are retiring (from my point of view) – but on the other hand after working as hard as you have – and serving fish for so long – I think you’re due to not have to wake up at 4am every day. You’ve earned a break!

    Thank you for crafting what I have many times enjoyed – truly “soulful” sushi – something that touches the soul. Really quite sublime. In my opinion, your sushi has redefined the quality level for sushi. I have enjoyed both SushiNozawa and now sugarFISH very much and know that your attention to quality and “Trust ME” sushi will continue.

    May you be served now the way you have so thoughtfully and fully served us for the past many years.

    Take good care!

  2. I’ve been a regular worshipper at Nozawa’s temple for well over a decade! 🙂 I’m truly saddened about him closing my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood. No other sushi chef even comes close to Nozawa’s quality and pride in his work. One felt part of a small community of true fish conosseurs at his bar. I will mostly miss the ankimo hand roll, and hope Sugarfish will make it a regular item. All my best wishes to the entire Nozawa family! Klaus

  3. I was a regular during my time in LA in the mid-90s. Nozawa is a living legend, a master, an uncompromising artist and artisan dedicated to excellence. His graceful and gracious spouse was an inspiration of elegance. Thank you, Nozama-sama. OKINI!!!
    With respect and admiration,
    Mark Princi
    Boissise la Bertrand, France

  4. Nozawa-San;

    When we first moved to LA in 1991, we spent our first three months in an apartment in Studio City, before moving south over the hill. We came in one evening during the second week there, by chance alone. We stayed as regular guests with you for the next 8 years until we returned to the East Coast. We were blessed to have been welcomed on each lunchtime or evening visit by you and Mrs. Nozawa, with a smile from one and the most wonderful sushi from the other. (And an occasional smile from you, too!)
    We have looked forward to a visit when we next visit LA…but that is not to be. So sad – but we ‘trust’ you will enjoy your retirement.

    Thank you, thank you.

  5. Nozawa-san, I’m looking forward to celebrating your last evening at Sushi Nozawa with you. Thank you for teaching me the proper respect and etiquette in a sushi bar and that omakase is always proper protocol. I will miss your crab rolls, your uni from Catalina, and the “trust me” signs. Most of all I will miss seeing you do something you obviously love to do. Thank you for sharing your love of sushi with all of us Angelenos. Namaste, Tamara

  6. I’ve eaten sushi in the best NY and Tokyo restaurants and have never tasted anything that’s come close to your fish.

    We lived in LA for 13 years and then moved to NY. Our kids made art for Mr. Nozawa, and so did I (I write and illustrate children’s books). We crave Nozawa and whenever we’re back in LA eat EVERY meal we can there. Mrs. Nozawa was always happy to see us, too. Good luck in retirement (but we are SO sad to hear you’re closing!)

    Please open in NY!

    Katie and Jerry Davis

  7. I will never, ever forget your fish! The first time I dined with you at Sushi Nozawa was nothing short of a religious experience! Every course was so delightfully buttery and just melted in my mouth – I didn’t know sushi could be THAT delicious until that day. You opened my eyes to a whole new world. Since that first time, I have dined with you many, many times and brought many people to Sushi Nozawa to learn what good sushi should really taste like. There has been no equal to the quality of sushi you serve anywhere that I have found since. You have brought so many people happiness over the years, congratulations on a hugely successful career, and I wish you many happy days ahead in whatever you choose to pursue.
    Thank you!
    Kathryn Capri

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  9. Nozawa-san, as I said last night over my favorite Ankimo miso sashimi, “Go-intai omedetoh gozaimashtah. Gokuro sama gozaimashtah!”
    Looking forward to seeing you oversee the new Sugarfish(es) and learning more from you about the craft of choosing fish. Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions! I really enjoyed that, almost as much as eating the highest quality sushi and sashimi anywhere.

  10. i’ve been meeting my bff for lunch there for years. we will miss those quiet lunches enjoying the best sushi ever. we look forward to sugarfish (and have been to other locations already), but Nozawa-san, we will certainly miss your remarkable presence.

  11. It’s with great sadness to hear Sushi Nozawa is closing its doors. Lots of respect and admiration for Mr. and Mrs. Nozawa!
    I wish you both a happy and long retirement!

    I look forward to patronizing Sugarfish from NYC!

  12. I have never been to the restaurant but destiny has caused me to believe that the restaurant will once again open its doors to many people who had never heard or experience your food before.

  13. Congratulations to Nozawa San on a fabulous career! Enjoy a well deserved retirement. Sushi Nozawa has been my favorite sushi restaurant for years. I have eaten sushi all over the world including all over Japan including the sushi restaurants that border the Tsukiji fish market, which is considered the “Mecca” for sushi. I can honestly say that my favorite sushi experience has always been at Sushi Nozawa. I eat sushi with gusto and do not like to talk or do other multi tasking when I eat sushi, thus, I think I was a perfect match for Sushi Nozawa! My favorite part of each meal at Sushi Nozawa was when I came to the end of the “trust me” which was always too small for my tummy. Nozawa San would then ask me “more?” and I would enthusiastically nod “yes!”. A small smile would emerge on his face and then I would start making my requests. I would eat until full and I don’t recall spending more than 45 minutes ever in Sushi Nozawa. I have never found a place with such great fish and that had a service style that truly met my eating style which can be described as “gusto”. I am equally happy for Nozawa San for his well deserved retirement as I am sad for myself that I will no longer have those experiences at Sushi Nozawa anymore. Thank you my friend. Steve in Seattle.

  14. I’m the guy who did the “Simpsons” drawing on the wall behind the sushi bar. I have fabulous memories of 15 years of eating at Sushi Nozawa — I’ve struck up interesting conversations at the bar, met people who’ve since become dear friends, and of course, delighted in the food.

    Nozawa-san would always remember what I liked, and I couldn’t have been happier when he handed me baby scallops, or red snapper Japanese-style. But everything he served was sublime. I will never be able to eat yellowtail anywhere else, and I will forever dream about the albacore.

    Chef and Mrs. Nozawa, I will miss your professionalism, your long memories, and your warmth everytime I visited with you. Thank you, and enjoy your time off!

  15. Not a sad day! Epic! I’ve been everywhere and his sushi was simply the best. I can taste the warm rice, crisp nori and cold crab roll right now. I am lucky to have eaten there more than a few times. A true master. Many thanks and enjoy the time off!

  16. Many years ago I ran a pizza place that was 2 doors down from Nozawa’s. Back then the restaurant was open everyday except for Sunday. On Sunday’s I would see Mr. Nozawa show up early and spend hours cleaning. So he never really had a day off. I commented to him one day that he needed a vacation…..I’ll never forget his response……He started to laugh and then said, “You are young man….work, work,work…..tired,tired,tired…..take vacation, rest and comeback as new man! Me old man….work, work, work….tired, tired, tired….take vacation, rest…still old man, still tired…no need vacation!”

    Enjoy your retirement!

  17. Thank you Nozawa san and Mrs. Nozawa for the many years of food memory. I will visit sugatfish in march and look forward to the continuation of your wonderfull japanese cuisine.


    Steve san

  18. Dear Nozawa,
    We want to say thank you again for welcoming us into your restaurant and always making us happy with your amazing food, love of Boston sports teams and wry smile. We will always warmly remember your question to my husband after we ate at your restaurant several times in one week, commenting on our home you said “Kitchen Closed?” We will miss you.
    The Gregorian Family xoxo

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